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CP Teams Up on New Interactive Feature Highlighting Microfulfillment

Cuhaci Peterson, PULSE Integration and KPS Global are teaming up to provide powerful end-to-end solutions to reimagine grocery for a brighter future — starting now with the launch of a new interactive titled GroceRE Imagined.

The combination of systems integration and end-to-end e-commerce solutions is fundamentally paramount to delivering on the promise of future retailing excellence.

As grocers design future store formats, the integration of e-commerce into the retail network requires an adept team to connect all the systems together and eliminate any gaps in processes and operations.

Automation is the answer: Bringing the product to people is faster than bringing people to the product.

Customized microfulfillment strategies are helping businesses adapt to their new reality by introducing user-friendly systems that respond to modern shopper demands while greatly improving the end experience for customers. And to optimize the use of these new fulfillment solutions, the various systems need to be seamlessly integrated.

Our hybrid shopping experience replaces shopping the “maze of aisles” in store and online with a high-density system utilizing robotics that enable an order to be ready for pick up within minutes.

“At it’s core, hybrid shopping is the merging of the physical and digital experience, often referred to as phygital,” said Steven Duffy, Sr. Vice President of Design, Cuhaci & Peterson.

Today’s retail customer utilizes technology that has drastically advanced their expectations. And for grocery, modernizing through automation is the optimal way to meet them.

Learn more by visiting our new GroceRE Redefined interactive feature.