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Convenience Has Changed

The convenience store of today is transforming. Consumer habits were altered in 2020, and while some will go back to the old way of shopping, the convenience business was changed forever. Customers have grown accustomed to new delivery options, having others picking and packing items for them and frictionless checkout.

Now is the time to adjust the old model of convenience to adapt to the way consumers are shopping today.

  • Adopt innovative technology in storage and food preparation
  • Execute responsible store design
  • Leverage smart technical coordination

Frictionless Checkout

Retailers know that consumers like control and are beginning to embrace alternative forms of advanced artificial intelligence-based tracking systems, like frictionless checkout experiences.

However, its use and adoption become a slippery slope with the proliferation of all forms of camera monitoring technologies as artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology systems become more proficient as well.

By removing barriers at frequent pain points, the implementation of this technology delivers a huge upside for consumers by offering them a seamless and much faster checkout process.

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Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are food preparation and cooking facilities utilizing delivery and takeout as their fulfillment mechanisms. They contain the necessary kitchen equipment and facilities needed for the preparation of meals but have no dining area.

Customers place their orders through an app which would then use internal capabilities to incorporate preparation and distribution.

Although not as effective in suburban or rural markets, the ghost kitchen concept is one that allows an operator to expand their variety without expanding their footprint or reducing their current offerings. By consolidating into more affordable real estate, you now can offer additional food genres and variety.

There is also no better place to innovate with food and find out what most customers prefer.

Systems Integration + End-to-End E-Commerce Solutions

The combination of systems integration and end-to-end e-commerce solutions is fundamentally paramount to delivering on the promise of future retailing excellence. As convenience operators design future store formats, the integration of e-commerce into the retail network requires an adept team to connect all the systems together and eliminate any gaps in processes and operations.

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