CP’s Duffy Talks Front End Strategies with Progressive Grocer

Front End

Cuhaci Peterson’s Senior Vice President of Design, Steven Duffy, was interviewed in the December 14th issue of Progressive Grocer, examining the topic of The Future of Retail: Unpacking Innovative Front End Strategies.

While acknowledging the importance of a seamless checkout process, Duffy cautions that “not all shoppers are looking to breeze in and out frictionlessly. While consumer appetites have grown to become less tolerant of waiting in line, some (more senior) shoppers seek the social interaction of the checkout process.

Grocers must also account for loss prevention and shrink technologies when enabling frictionless front ends. Optimized examples depend on format and are also commensurate with the retailers’ DNA. Are they a value operator, middle of the road or more of a premium brand?” Duffy added.

According to Duffy: “Savvy retailers seek to secure that last sale in line with well-curated impulse items, typically composed by a visual merchandiser. Grocers should consider using displays that illuminate and highlight specialty or must-have items, and products should also be a mix of seasonal or local offers.”

Getting shoppers to really notice the products featured in the front end can also give rise to opportunities for nontraditional items beyond the usual candy, snacks, magazines and soft drinks.
To read the entire article you may do so on the Progressive Grocer website by clicking here.

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