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Technology Alliance

A variety of technologies (including robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), cold storage and more) work together to reduce costs and increase productivity throughout the operation. End-to-end implementation of a commerce solution is complex, requiring careful navigation. A connected partnership network of experienced teams assures each step is given the greatest opportunity for success. For technology this partnership is essential in order to deliver the customized end-to-end solution that customers expect.

Systems Integration + End-To-End E-Commerce Solutions

What Does It Mean for Grocers?

The combination of systems integration and end-to-end e-commerce solutions is fundamentally paramount to delivering on the promise of future retailing excellence. As grocers design future store formats, the integration of e-commerce into the retail network requires an adept team to connect all the systems together and eliminate any gaps in processes and operations. Each of our companies hold decades of experience in the grocery and logistics sectors. We bring our experience together to deliver collaborative solutions to transform e-grocery of tomorrow today.

Omnichannel Retail Store | Systems Integration + End-To-End E-Commerce Solutions | Design & Development | FutureShop
Omnichannel Retail Stores | Design, Cold Storage, Robotics | Design & Development | FutureShop

Specialty Experience

We work with a broad range of retailers and hold specialty experience delivering specific solutions to meet their needs from national chains to smaller independents.  

Solutions - Formats

The Ultimate Streamlined Grocery Experience

Our hybrid shopping experience brings together online shopping and in-store digital kiosks to provide a premium and highly efficient shopping experience that not only saves customers time, but can help increase the size of their spend each trip. Merging digital and physical spaces to create the store of the future is possible thanks to next-generation robotics fulfillment technology and semi-automated storage within the store (the Wareroom) and off-site (the Dark Store).

  • Streamline the order and picking process to save customers time
  • Exponentially reduce employee time spent sorting and stocking
  • Offer next-level shopping convenience, food transparency and product quality

Meet modern consumer demand by merging the digital and the physical now.

Grocery Has Changed

The grocery store of today is transforming. The year 2020 altered consumer habits, and while some will go back to the old way of shopping, the grocery business is forever changed. Customers have grown accustomed to drive-up pickup, delivery and having others doing the picking for them. Now is the time to adjust the old model of grocery to adapt to the way consumers are shopping today.

  • Adopt new technology in storage
  • Leverage smart technical coordination
  • Execute responsible store design

Grocers can meet all the needs of their shoppers with hybrid shopping experience.

Automated Online Order Fulfillment Simplified

Welcome to your behind-the-scenes click & collect powerhouse helping to solve the last mile challenge. Semi-automated and featuring both cold and dry storage, the Dark Store utilizes next-generation robotics technology to collect, fulfill and prepare grocery orders before they’re shipped out to customers either for curbside pickup or delivery.

  • More convenient for customers to buy and collect
  • Ultra-dense storage for maximum warehousing capacity
  • Fulfillment is faster & simpler with fewer employees
  • Less waste of store space dedicated to storage
  • Online shopping no longer competes with in-store experience

A branded store experience without the store.

Taking Order Fulfillment Off The Store Floor

How can you simplify order fulfillment, reduce time used by employees, and shrink space used by storage, while still maintaining an exceptionally high-quality grocery experience for customers? Meet grocery’s future warehouse – the Wareroom, a roboticized cold and dry-storage fulfillment center situated in the heart of the store itself. 

  • Save customers time in-store by collecting products for them  
  • Incrementally expand the scope & speed of your store operations without down-time  
  • Simplify the restocking process by eliminating store shelves  
  • Reduce time collecting orders and increase profitability of each order  

It’s time to revolutionize online order fulfillment.