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According to a recent Google study, 61% of shoppers trust and would rather buy from a brand that has a physical location than those that are strictly online. The tangible aspect of shopping still has value to the consumer. The opportunity is to meet the customer halfway by revitalizing and reimagining the shopping experience with automation and commerce technology. We understand and want to give brick and mortar retailers a unique opportunity with our comprehensive solutions.

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Dark Store | Micro Fulfillment | Design & Development | FutureShop

Microfulfillment Dark Stores

A microfulfillment center (MFC) is an emerging trend in retail commerce which automates the order fulfillment process through robotic technology and streamlined ordering capabilities. A dark store is a warehouse that utilizes this concept, yet all the windows are covered signaling to consumers that this store is not meant for in-store commerce – only online fulfillment and inventory overflow.

University Multipurpose Store Facilities | Drone Delivery | Design & Development | FutureShop

University Multipurpose Store Facilities

This concept combines three technologies together to provide more streamlined e-commerce and delivery for students and other university campus patrons. It leverages AutoStore MFC storage technology for books and other retail products. These products are stored in a low-oxygen environment which reduces general entropy on student textbooks that are reused every year and bought back by the store. Finally, the concept integrates the use of aerial drones for delivery of these materials across a distributed campus setting.

Ghost Kitchens | Design & Development | FutureShop

Ghost Kitchens

As food delivery applications become more of a food service staple, many restaurants and food providers are turning to ghost kitchens to speed up delivery and drive more revenue. Ghost kitchens are food preparation and cooking facilities purely designed for delivery-only meals. We help support these endeavors with inventory management and e-commerce applications that make the entire process simpler for the consumer and cost-effective for the business.

Hydroponic Growing Centers | Design & Development | FutureShop

Hydroponic Growing Centers

Hydroponics uses a method of growing plants without the need for soil. It is a trend that is beginning to catch on in the retail food industry due to its capacity to produce quality, fresh produce without the need of relying on suppliers that may be hundreds of miles away. Hydroponic growing centers allow grocery stores and restaurants to grow their own produce in a more cost-effective way with fewer pest issues, less water and no need to purchase a large amount of land for the soil. This reduces transportation costs and helps to localize the farm-to-table proposition.

Hybrid Shopping | Design & Development | FutureShop

Hybrid Shopping

Hybrid shopping disrupts current models and represents the future of retailing. An integrated physical to e-commerce experience enables shopping using in-store kiosks, mobile phones, or desktops and have goods picked and packed via the AutoStore system within minutes. The system will also serve as the fulfillment hub for online shoppers in the area giving the retailer a more profitable fulfillment solution while improving inventory control and reducing congestion in the store aisles.