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Our Vision forRetail Innovation

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We are physical designers and innovators that transform and connect retail and grocery stores to the virtual shopping experience in a way that is known as Phygital (marrying a physical concept with digital; sort of a new iteration of click-and-mortar). The lines of traditional retail formats and digital purchasing behaviors have blurred, opening the doors to new and exciting business models that both streamline the consumer experience and business operations.

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Today’s disruption represents a time of opportunity as the pace of retail technological innovation and transformation increases.

Cuhaci Peterson’s capabilities are transforming similarly to address and solve for this changing landscape.

Why Do We Need Retail Innovation Now?

Accelerated change is upon us. Retail has reached an inflection point based upon the pandemic and the Grocery Industry is in the epicenter. Increasingly, consumers are demanding an unlimited assortment of products, immediate fulfillment to autonomous delivery and a willingness to pay less.

As these demands are fulfilled by retailers, many stores will disappear or become consolidated. The remaining stores will condense in size and need to fundamentally reshape their retail experience to fit the new landscape. This tectonic disruption is not the one that will impact retailers in the future, but the one that is being felt today. We are making sure those necessary solutions exist now.

Future Retailing Factors

  • E-Commerce


    Replace shopping the "maze of aisles" online or in-store with a high-density system. Robotics enable an order picked within minutes.

  • Automated Stores

    Automated Stores

    Replace shopping the "maze of aisles" online or in-store with a high-density system. Robotics enable an order picked within minutes.

  • Robotics in Warehouses

    Robotics in Warehouses

    Automated fulfillment in warehouses and stores to streamline/manage and accelerate the processes from manual product handling.

  • Home Delivery

    Home Delivery

    Consumers look for home delivery of goods. Businesses must adapt their processes and implementation strategies to include Click-N-Collect: Grocery - RX + Prepared Foods, 3rd Party Delivery Services, and Future Autonomous Delivery.

  • Sanitized Stores

    Sanitized Stores

    Follow the guidelines as laid out by the CDC

  • Re-Purposing Real Estate

    Re-Purposing Real Estate

    Companies can look to bankruptcies and foreclosures as ways to repurpose real estate. This will drive the coming wave of retail reformatting.

  • Ghost Kitchens

    Ghost Kitchens

    Ghost kitchens are “dark” food preparation/cooking facilities for delivery-only meals. They contain the kitchen equipment and facilities needed for the preparation of restaurant meals, but have no dining area.

  • Traceable Supply Chains

    Traceable Supply Chains

    Supply chain traceability is the end-to-end process of tracking the provenance and journey of products and their inputs. It includes transparency tracking enabled by AI-based blockchain data.

  • Safe Manufacturing

    Safe Manufacturing

    Businesses must perform risk assessments, require workers to wear necessary safety gear, make janitorial services a priority and deliver consistent and relevant training.

  • Working Remotely

    Working Remotely

    During the past six months, business has leveraged technology enabling a remote workforce. We’ve shared the term “techcelleration” transforming retailing norms and expectations.

The Cuhaci Peterson Process

Innovate With Velocity

Omni Store

Omni Store Intro Video

Customers can easily shop online with the same selection and pricing as in-store customers with an easy-to-navigate mobile application and e-commerce platform.

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Retail Solutions

We provide design and innovation services to deliver end-to-end multi-format e-commerce solutions for the retail and grocery industry. Our goal is to assist the retailer in convergence of technology platforms to fully realize and transform the brand retail experience. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the maturity of the organization or their specific needs. Some examples include:

  • Microfulfillment Dark Stores
  • University Multipurpose Store Facilities
  • Ghost Kitchens
  • Hydroponic Growing Centers
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