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We are physical designers and innovators that transform and connect stores to the virtual shopping experience in a way that is known as Phygital (marrying a physical concept with digital; sort of a new iteration of click-and-mortar). The lines of traditional commerce formats and digital purchasing behaviors have blurred, opening the doors to new and exciting business models that both streamline the consumer experience and business operations.

Today’s disruption represents a time of opportunity as the pace of technological innovation and transformation increases.

Cuhaci Peterson’s capabilities are transforming similarly to address and solve for this changing landscape.

Endless Opportunities to Innovate!

Accelerated change is upon us, and commerce has reached an inflection point. Increasingly, consumers are demanding an unlimited assortment of products, immediate fulfillment to autonomous delivery and a willingness to pay less.

As these demands are fulfilled, many stores will disappear or become consolidated. The remaining stores will condense in size and need to fundamentally reshape their retail experience to fit the new landscape. This tectonic disruption is not the one that will impact commerce in the future, but the one that is being felt today. We are making sure those necessary solutions exist now.

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Working Remotely

The Cuhaci Peterson Process

Step 1: Concepting

A linear process is initiated by the discovery phase, and through research and investigation of the brand’s essence, the concept and its elements become revealed. These aspects inform all business processes from physical design and go-to-market strategy to operational directives.

Step 2: Design Visualizations

The infusion of technology with design informs the needs of our clients. We've developed an ecosystem of industry relationships who are design focused, collaborate well together and responsible for delivering end-to-end services. We are committed to our clients.

Step 3: Technology Build and Implementation

The final phase directly assures the brand's ongoing relevance and viability in the marketplace. Our clients are relying on our end-to-end services. Experience reminds us that remaining relevant in the marketplace enables a brand to thrive.

Innovate With Velocity

Hybrid Shopping Experience

Operators will embrace the omni experience from a different lens and starting point, and to meet evolving customer needs an organizational framework rather than a specific physical representation needs to exist. That’s where hybrid shopping provides a series of channels that gives the customer numerous ways to interact.

Assortment, supply chain, speed, in-store experiences, product knowledge, prepared foods, optimized labor and downstream fulfillment all drive the experience where physical and digital merge with technology into one efficient package.

In the hybrid shopping experience:

Automation & Commerce Technology | Omnichannel Retail Stores | Solutions & Services | FutureShop

Automation and Commerce Technology

We provide design and innovation services to deliver end-to-end multiformat commerce solutions. Our goal is to assist the retailer in convergence of technology platforms to fully realize and transform the brand retail experience. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the maturity of the organization or their specific needs.

Some examples include:

The Cuhaci Peterson Difference


Our team delivers solutions through a collaborative client-partnership based exchange. Our process enables the power to aspire, create and accomplish. Our creative mission is to exceed expectations by transforming ideas into value.

Best Omnichannel Retailers | Designers & Developers | FutureShop
Leading Omnichannel Retailers | Developers & Designers | FutureShop


As a working philosophy, we pursue continuous learning that influences what we do. Knowledge gained not only guides us but empowers us to influence the marketplace.


We believe achieving successful design results are guided by process of phased design methodology. This framework is built upon design industry best practices, principled upon continuous improvement or Kaizen.

Phased Design Methodology | Omnichannel Retail Design & Development | FutureShop
Omnichannel Retail Technology, Solutions, & Innovation | FutureShop


We leverage technology and look for new ways to advance beyond current design tools, such as Revit, to simply create construction documents. We also pursue additional platforms that provide our clients with information far beyond how to construct a building.

Our Partners

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A manufacturer of insulated panel systems that are highly adaptable for convenience and grocery stores, foodservice, big-box retailers and enclosures.

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