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Omnichannel Retail Reimagined

What is the Omni Store?

As omni channel becomes standard across the industry, retailers must embrace the challenge of determining how to infuse their brand into an experience that entices customers to try what could be a new normal. The Omni Store is a concept that streamlines the retail experience for both the customer and the grocer.

Consumer Point of View - Grocery Reimagined Video

Why Omni Store is Great for Customers

  • Convenience

    Whether they are in store or at home, customers can easily shop online with the same selection and pricing as in-store customers with an easy-to-navigate mobile application and e-commerce platform. They can choose to pick it up at the store or get it delivered to their home.

  • In-Store Kiosks

    No more walking through a maze of aisles. Large, easy to use in-store kiosks place your center store directly at your customers’ fingertips.

  • Efficiency

    The Omni Store is built on automation with simple, easy to navigate commerce options. The entire system is meant to make shopping easy, fast and efficient for the consumer.

  • Food Transparency

    Locai’s order management system helps customers order their groceries in the exact way they want. If a customer wants the freshest head of lettuce from a locally sourced provider, they will be able to make that choice.

Why Omni Store is Great for Retail Stores

  • More Customers

    From AutoStore robotics to Locai’s digital e-commerce platform, customers will enjoy a faster, more efficient shopping experience increasing how many customers can be served every day.

  • Cost-Effective and Efficient

    Back of the store “wareroom” re-allocates space for efficient manual fulfillment operations. Given a large volume of sales through self-service kiosks, you can operate with fewer checkout lanes for more labor savings.

  • Customer First

    It addresses your customers’ primary needs for speed and convenience without impacting any of the fresh departments that differentiate your brand.

  • Space Efficient

    Replacing the maze of center aisles with a high density and fast-moving storage and retrieval system.

  • Minimal Remodel Impact

    The Omni Store concept plugs into your existing center store, minimizing operational disturbance during a remodel.

  • Leveling the Playing Field

    Our solution is convenient and cost-effective, keeping you competitive in the demanding marketplace.

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